Door locks/unlocks precaution

• Do not push the door handle request

Do not push the door handle request switch with the Intelligent Key held in your hand as illustrated. The close distance to the door handle will cause the Intelligent Key system to have difficulty recognizing that the Intelligent Key is outside the vehicle.
After locking with the door handle request switch, verify the doors are securely locked by testing them.
When locking the doors using the door handle request switch, make sure to have the Intelligent Key in your possession before operating the door handle request switch to prevent the Intelligent Key from being left in the vehicle.
The door handle request switch is operational only when the Intelligent Key has been detected by the Intelligent Key system.
To prevent the Intelligent Key from being left inside the vehicle or the trunk, make sure you carry the key with you and then lock the doors or the trunk.
Do not pull the door handle before pushing the door handle request switch. The door will be unlocked but will not open. Release the door handle once and pull it again to open the door.
The Intelligent Key system (opening/closing doors with the door handle request switch) can be set to remain inactive on the center display (if so equipped). (See “Vehicle information and settings” in the “4. Monitor, heater, air conditioner, audio, phone and voice recognition systems” section.)

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