Making a call

To make a call, follow this procedure.

To make a call, follow this procedure.

1. Push the PHONE button on the instrument panel or the steering button on the steering wheel. The “Phone” screen will appear on the display.
2. Select the “Phonebook” key on the Phone menu.
3. Select the desired entry from the list.
4. Confirm the correct entry by selecting for the correct number from the list.

5. Select the “Call” key to start dialing the

5. Select the “Call” key to start dialing the number.

There are different methods to make a call.

Select one of the following options instead of “Phonebook” in step 2 above.

Quick Dial
Select an entry stored in the Quick Dial.

Call History
Select an outgoing, incoming or missed call downloaded from your cell phone (depending on your phone’s compatibility).

Dial Number
Input the phone number manually using the keypad displayed on the screen. (See “How to use touch screen (models with navigation system)” earlier in this section.)

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