Precautions on cruise control

Х If the cruise control system malfunctions, it will cancel automatically. The CRUISE indicator light on the meter panel will then blink to warn the driver.
Х If the engine coolant temperature becomes excessively high, the cruise control system will cancel automatically.
Х If the CRUISE indicator light blinks, turn the cruise control main switch off and have the system checked by a NISSAN dealer.
Х The CRUISE indicator light may blink when the cruise control main switch is turned ON while pushing the ACCEL/RES, COAST/ SET or CANCEL switch. To properly set the cruise control system, perform the following procedures.


Do not use the cruise control when driving under the following conditions:

Х when it is not possible to keep the vehicle at a set speed
Х in heavy traffic or in traffic that varies in speed
Х on winding or hilly roads
Х on slippery roads (rain, snow, ice, etc.)
Х in very windy areas

Doing so could cause a loss of vehicle control and result in an accident.

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