Warning/indicator lights and audible reminders

warning lightAnti-lock Braking System (ABS) warning light

Brake warning light  or Charge warning light Brake warning light

Low tire pressure warning lightCharge warning light

Master warning lightLow tire pressure warning light

Power steering warning lightMaster warning light

Seat belt warning light and chimePower steering warning light

Supplemental air bag warningSeat belt warning light and chime

lightSupplemental air bag warning light

equipped)4WD warning light (if so equipped)

(if so equipped)Front fog light indicator light (if so equipped)

lightFront passenger air bag status light

Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)High beam indicator light (blue)

Overdrive off indicator light (ifMalfunction Indicator Light (MIL)

so equipped)Overdrive off indicator light (if so equipped)

Slip indicator lightSecurity indicator light

Tow mode ON indicator light (ifSlip indicator light

so equipped)Tow mode ON indicator light (if so equipped)

lightsTurn signal/hazard indicator lights

indicatorVehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) off indicator light

equipped)4WD AUTO indicator light (if so equipped)

equipped)4WD LOCK indicator light (if so equipped)

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