Remote starting the vehicle

To use the remote start feature to start the engine perform the following:

1. Aim the Intelligent Key at the vehicle.
2. Press thedoors. LOCK button to lock all doors.
3. Within 5 seconds press and hold the remote start button until the turn signal lights remote start button until the turn signal lights illuminate. If the vehicle is not within view press and hold the button remote start button for about 2 seconds.

The following events will occur when the engine starts:

● The parking lights will turn on and remain on as long as the engine is running.
● The doors will be locked and the climate control system may come on.
● The engine will continue to run for 10 minutes.

Repeat the steps to extend the time for an additional 10 minutes. See “Extending engine run time” in this section.

Depress the brake and place the ignition switch in the ON position before driving. For further instructions see “Driving the vehicle” in the “Starting and driving” section.

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