Setting memory function

The position of the following settings can be linked to the Intelligent Key and the memorized settings can be available for each Intelligent Key.

● Climate control system
● Navigation system (if so equipped)
● Audio system

To use the memory function, set the climate, navigation and audio systems to the driver’s preferred settings. Lock the doors with the Intelligent Key. Each Intelligent Key may be set with the driver’s individual preferences. When a new Intelligent Key is used, “Connection with the key has been done” will be displayed on the screen and the memorized settings are available.

To engage the memorized settings, perform the following:

1. Carry the Intelligent Key that is linked to the memorized settings.
2. Unlock the doors by pushing the driver’s door handle request switch or the UNLOCK Key.button on the Intelligent Key.
3. Place the ignition switch in the “ON” position. The settings linked to the Intelligent Key will start.

For further instructions on using the Climate control system see “Heater and air conditioner (automatic)” in “Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems”.

For further instructions on using the Navigation System see the separate Navigation System Owner’s Manual.

For further instructions on using the Audio system see “Audio system” in “Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems”.

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