Care of the soft top and the vehicle body

To use your CrossCabriolet safely and comfortably, you need to observe all the warnings and cautions shown in the previous pages. Also, to maintain a good appearance of the soft top and the vehicle body, you need to care for them by cleaning and/or washing properly.


Do not use an automatic car wash or a high-pressure car wash to clean your vehicle. The top may be damaged and water may leak into the inside of the vehicle.
Store the vehicle with the top closed if it is not to be used for long periods. Keeping the top stowed for long periods may cause wrinkles on the surface of the top.

A protective clear tape is applied to the top storage lid painted surface where the soft top contacts the surface. When the top is fully closed, the tape may transmit some light, visible from the inside of the vehicle.

This does not affect the water and air tightness of the seal.
The inner surface of the trunk and top storage lids may show a fibrous, or marbled pattern. This is the normal appearance of the material used in these parts.

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