Voice recognition system

You can also use the Bluetooth® hands-free phone system with Voice Recognition System.


The available voice commands are only applicable to the relevant language set in the LANGUAGE setting screen. (See “How to use SETTING button” earlier in this section.)
If the vehicle is in motion, some commands may not be available so full attention may be given to vehicle operation.
The voice recognition system cannot be operated when the soft top (CrossCabriolet models) is open.

Manual command selection

Commands can be selected manually. While the commands are displayed on the screen, select a command by operating the Tune switch, and then push the PHONE SEND Once button. Once a command is manually selected, the voice command function is cancelled. To return to voice command mode, push the PHONE END operation, and button to cancel the current operation, and then perform the first procedure of voice command.

Using system


When the ignition switch is pushed to the ON position, Voice Recognition System is initialized, which may take up to one minute. When completed, the system is ready to accept voice commands. If the steering switch on the steering wheel is pushed before the initialization completes, the system will not accept any command.

Before starting:

To get the best performance out of the Voice Recognition System, observe the following:

Keep the interior of the vehicle as quiet as possible. Close the windows to eliminate the surrounding noises (traffic noises, vibration sounds, etc.), which may prevent the system from recognizing the voice commands correctly.
Wait until a tone sounds before speaking a command.
Speak a voice command within 5 seconds after the beep sound. If no voice command is given, the system will ask you for a number. If no further command is given, the session ends.
Speak in a natural voice without pausing between words.

Giving voice command:

Giving voice command:

1. Push and release the located on switch located on the steering wheel

2. A list of commands appears on the screen,

2. A list of commands appears on the screen, and the system announces, “Please say a command after the beep. Available commands are: Call, Phonebook, Recent Calls, Connect Phone or Help”.
3. After the tone sounds and the icon on the screen changes from , speak ato command. See the “Using system” later in, speak a command. See the “Using system” later in this section for the voice command list.

Speak “Call” for example.


Voice commands cannot be recognized as long as the screen icon is not in the command recognition mode .

4. The system acknowledges the command and announces the next set of available commands.
5. After the tone sounds, speak the phone number.
6. When you have finished speaking the phone number, the system repeats it back and announces the available commands.
7. After system responds, speak “Dial” and the system dials the spoken numbers.

Operating tips:

Voice commands cannot be accepted when the icon is • If the command is not recognized, the.
If the command is not recognized, the system announces, “Please say again”.

Repeat the command in a clear voice.
Push the once to return to the previous screen. switch or the BACK button once to return to the previous screen.
If you want to cancel the command, push the is switch. The message “Voice input is canceled” will be announced. If you want to adjust the volume of the system feedback, push the volume control buttons [+] or [−] on the steering wheel or use the audio system volume knob while the system is making an announcement.

How to speak commands:

The Voice Recognition System requires a certain way to speak voice commands. Speak normally and clearly in the direction of the microphone (located in front of the rearview mirror). Every digit of the number must be spoken individually and in a normal manner.

The hands-free mode will work best when the telephone number is spoken in blocks of three to five digits. After each spoken block is terminated, the system will repeat the three to five digits and wait for you to speak the next digit or block of digits required for the telephone number.

See “Using system” later in this section for the appropriate commands that can be spoken for the hands-free mode system.


In order to initiate a call, speak “Phonebook”.


If you are controlling the telephone system by voice command for the first time or do not know the appropriate voice command, speak “Help”. The system announces the available commands.
When you speak numbers, you can speak both “zero” or “oh” for “0”.

Personal vocabulary (voicetags):

Voice Recognition System is equipped with the function called “voicetags”, which can be associated with the phone number and name in the phonebook. Using the voice tag will automatically generate a speed dial to the registered number.

See “Phonebook registration” earlier in this section.

You can call the identified number using the following command: “Dial” followed by the voice tag.

Dialling a name with a voice tag:

It is possible to call up a name via a voice tag instead of a number, provided the name and number of your correspondent has been previously stored in the phonebook.

Dial via a voice tag, according to the following procedure.

1. Push the 2. The system replies “please say a command switch.
2. The system replies “please say a command after the beep. Available commands are: Call, Phonebook, Recent Calls, Connect Phone or Help”.
3. Give your instructions to the system by saying: “Dial John” for example (“John” must have been previously set as a voice tag for John’s phone number) or “Dial One” if John is classified as one in the phonebook.

If the system cannot understand your command, repeat it according to the recommendations mentioned in “Using system” earlier in this section.

4. If the given name (voice tag) is correct, the phone system will dial the number registered for “John”.


To end the voice command phase at any stage of the procedure, push the sonce in witch once in order to activate the cancel command.

List of voice commands:

Pairing procedure

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