Using the system


When the ignition switch is pushed to the ON position, NISSAN Voice Recognition is initialized, which may take up to one minute. When completed, the system is ready to accept voice commands. If the TALK switch is pushed before the initialization completes the display will show the message: “System not ready.” or a beep sounds.

Before starting

To get the best performance from NISSAN Voice Recognition, observe the following.

Keep the interior of the vehicle as quiet as possible. Close the windows to eliminate the surrounding noises (traffic noises, vibration sounds, etc.), which may prevent the system from recognizing the voice commands correctly.
When the air conditioner is in the AUTO mode, the fan speed decreases automatically for easy recognition.
Wait until a tone sounds before speaking a command.
Speak in a natural voice without pausing between words.

Giving voice command

Giving voice command

1. Push and release the TALK switch switch located on the steering wheel.

2. A list of commands appears on the screen,

2. A list of commands appears on the screen, and the system announces, “Please say a command”.
3. After the tone sounds and the icon on the screen changes from , speak a  to command., speak a command.

Operating tips:

Voice commands cannot be accepted when the icon is • The list displayed can be scrolled by.
The list displayed can be scrolled by tilting the menu control switch on the steering wheel.
If the command is not recognized, the system announces, “Please say again”. Repeat the command in a clear voice.
Push the BACK button once to return to the previous screen.
If you want to cancel the command, push and hold the TALK second. switch for 1 second.

The message “Voice canceled” will be announced.
To skip the voice guidance function and give the command immediately, press the TALK switch to interrupt the system. Remember switch to interrupt the system. Remember to speak after the tone.
If you want to adjust the volume of the system feedback, push the volume control switch (+ or −) on the steering wheel or use the audio system volume knob while the system is making an announcement.

How to speak numbers:

NISSAN Voice Recognition requires a certain way to speak numbers when giving voice commands. Refer to the following examples.

General rule

Only single digits 0 (zero) to 9 can be used. (For example, if you would like to say 500, “five zero zero” can be used, but “five hundred” cannot.

Phone numbers

Speak phone numbers according to the following examples:

— “Dial one eight zero zero six six two six two zero zero.”

Note 1: For the best voice recognition phone dialing results, say phone numbers as single digits.

Note 2: You cannot say 555-6000 as “five five five six thousands”.

Note 3: When speaking a house number, speak the number “0” as “ zero”. If the letter “o (oh)” is included in the house number, it will not be recognized as the number “0 (zero)” even if you speak “oh” instead of “zero”. Please speak “zero” for the number “0 (zero)”, “oh” for the letter “o (oh)”.

Send digits using dial tone:

Press the TALK call. switch during a phone call.
The menu will be launched and you will be provided with the following guidance: "Please say the digits to dial".
After guidance, say the digits of the number you want to send. After this, the digits that have been recognized will be read out.
If you press the ENTER button on the steering wheel or on the multi-function controller, the selected digits will be sent.

Speaker adaptation function (for Alternate

Speaker adaptation function (for Alternate Command Mode)

The voice recognition system has a function to learn the user’s voice for better voice recognition performance. The system can memorize the voices of up to three persons.

Having the system learn the user’s voice:

1. Push the SETTING button on the instrument panel and select the “Others” key.
2. Select the “Voice Recognition” key.
3. Select the “Speaker Adaptation” key.

4. Select the user whose voice is memorized

4. Select the user whose voice is memorized by the system.
5. Select the “Start Speaker Adaptation Learning” key.

6. Select a category to be learned by the

6. Select a category to be learned by the system from the following list.

Phone Commands
Navigation Commands
Information Commands
  Audio Commands
Help Commands

The voice commands in the category are displayed.

7. Select a voice command and then push the ENTER button.

The voice recognition system starts.

8. The system requests that you repeat a

8. The system requests that you repeat a command after a tone.
9. After the tone sounds and the icon on the screen changes from, speak the  to command that the system requested., speak the command that the system requested.
10. When the system has recognized the voice command, the voice of the user is learned.

Push the to return switch or BACK button to return to the previous screen.

If the system has learned the command correctly, the voice command status on the right side of the command turns from “None” to “Stored”.

Speaker Adaptation function settings:

Speaker Adaptation function settings:

Edit User Name

Edit the user name using the keypad displayed on the screen.

Delete Voice Data

Resets the user’s voice that the voice recognition system has learned.

Continuous Learning

When this item is turned to ON, you can have the system learn the voice commands in succession, without selecting commands one by one.

Minimize voice feedback (for Alternate Command Mode)

To minimize the voice feedback from the system, perform the following steps.

1. Push the SETTING button on the instrument panel.
2. Select the “Others” key.
3. Select the “Voice Recognition” key.
4. Select the “Minimize Voice Feedback” key.
5. The setting is turned to ON and the voice guidance will now be reduced when using the Voice Recognition system.

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