NISSAN voice recognition system (models with navigation system)

NISSAN Voice Recognition allows hands-free operation of the Phone, Navigation, Information and Audio systems in one of two modes, Standard Mode or Alternate Command Mode.

In Standard Mode, commands that are available are always shown on the display and announced by the system. You can complete your desired operation by simply following the prompts given by the system. (See “NISSAN voice recognition Standard Mode” later in this section for details.) For advanced operation, you can use the Alternate Command Mode. (See “NISSAN voice recognition Alternate Command Mode” later in this section for details.) When this mode is active, an expanded list of commands can be spoken after pushing the TALK andswitch, and the voice command menu prompts are turned off. Review the expanded command list, which is available when this mode is active. Note that in this mode the recognition success rate may be affected as the number of available commands and the ways of speaking each command are increased.

To switch one mode to another, see each mode description later in this section.

To improve the recognition success rate when Alternate Command Mode is active, try using the Speaker Adaptation Function available in that mode. Otherwise, it is recommended that Alternate Command Mode be turned off and Standard Mode be used for the best recognition performance.

For the voice commands for the navigation system, refer to the Navigation System Owner’s Manual of your vehicle.

For CrossCabriolet models: The voice recognition system cannot be operated when the soft top is open.

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