Passenger compartment

1. Glove box, Console box

1. Glove box, Console box
2. Map lights
3. Storage
4. Moonroof (if so equipped)/Panoramic sunshade (if so equipped)
5. Luggage hooks
6. Cup holders
7. Seats
8. Sun visors

See the page number indicated in parentheses for operating details.

    See also:

    Moonroof (if so equipped)
    - In an accident you could be thrown from the vehicle through an open moonroof. Always use seat belts and child restraints. - Do not allow anyone to stand up or extend any portion of their body o ...

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    Pull the tabs1 and pull out the cover2 . The air cleaner filter should not be cleaned and reused. Replace it according to the maintenance log shown in the “NISSAN Service and Maintenance Gui ...

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