Automatic moonroof

The moonroof will only operate when the ignition switch is placed in the ON position. The automatic moonroof is operational for a period of time, even if the ignition switch is placed in the ACC or OFF position. If the driver’s door or the front passenger’s door is opened during this period of time, the power to the moonroof is canceled.

Sliding the moonroof

To fully open or close the moonroof, push the switch to the open 2 or close 1 position and release it; it need not be held. The roof will automatically open or close all the way. To stop the roof, push the switch once more while it is opening or closing.

Tilting the moonroof

To tilt up, first close the moonroof, then push the switch to the tilt up position 1 and release it; it need not be held. To tilt down the moonroof, push the switch to the tilt down position 2 .

Restarting the moonroof switch

If the moonroof does not operate properly, perform the following procedure to initialize the moonroof operation system.

1. Turn ignition switch ON.
2. Press and hold the moonroof tilt switch forward until the moonroof stops.
3. Release the moonroof switch.
4. Press and hold the tilt up switch within 6 seconds.
5. The roof glass will Tilt-Down, Slide-Close, Slide-Open, Slide-Close, Tilt-Up, Tilt- Down.
6. Release the switch, initialization is complete if the moonroof operates normally.

If the moonroof does not operate properly after performing the procedure above, have your vehicle checked by a NISSAN dealer.

Auto-reverse function (when closing or tilting down the moonroof)

The auto-reverse function can be activated when the moonroof is closed or tilted down by automatic operation when the ignition switch is placed in the ON position or for a period of time after the ignition switch is placed in the OFF position.

Depending on the environment or driving conditions, the auto-reverse function may be activated if an impact or load similar to something being caught in the moonroof occurs.


There are some small distances immediately before the closed position which cannot be detected. Make sure that all passengers have their hands, etc., inside the vehicle before closing the moonroof.

When closing:

If the control unit detects something caught in the moonroof as it moves to the front, the moonroof will immediately open backward.

When tilting down:

If the control unit detects something caught in the moonroof as it tilts down, the moonroof will immediately tilt up.

If the auto-reverse function malfunctions and repeats opening or tilting up the moonroof, keep pushing the tilt down switch within 5 seconds after it happens; the moonroof will fully close gradually. Make sure nothing is caught in the moonroof.


● In an accident you could be thrown from the vehicle through an open moonroof.

Always use seat belts and child restraints.
● Do not allow anyone to stand up or extend any portion of their body out of the moonroof opening while the vehicle is in motion or while the moonroof is closing.


● Remove water drops, snow, ice or sand from the moonroof before opening.
● Do not place heavy objects on the moonroof or surrounding area.


Open and close the sunshade by sliding it forward or backward.

If the moonroof does not close

Have your NISSAN dealer check and repair the moonroof.

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