Valet hand-off

When you have to leave a key with a valet, give them the Intelligent Key itself after removing the mechanical key to protect your belongings.

To prevent the glove box or the trunk (Cross- Cabriolet models) from being opened during valet hand-off, follow the procedures below.

1. Push the trunk release power cancel switch to the OFF side (CrossCabriolet models).
2. Remove the mechanical key from the Intelligent Key.
3. Lock the glove box with the mechanical key.
4. Hand the Intelligent Key to the valet, keeping the mechanical key in your pocket or bag.

Insert the mechanical key into the Intelligent Key when you retrieve your vehicle.

See glove box and “Storage” in the “2. Instruments and controls” section and “Trunk lid (CrossCabriolet models)” later in this section.

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