Before operating the top

The soft top of this vehicle is electrically operated. You can fully open or close the top only by pressing the operating switch located on the center console.

Only operate the soft top operating switch under all of the following conditions:

When the trunk is closed.
  When the vehicle is stopped.
When the engine is running or when the ignition switch is in the ON position.
  When the luggage cover is pulled out and hooked so that the roof storage area is separated from the trunk.

(See “Luggage cover (CrossCabriolet models)” in the “2. Instruments and controls” section.)

  When the shift lever is in a position other than the R (Reverse) position.


Always keep the engine running while operating the soft top. The top will also operate when the ignition switch is in the ON position, but run the engine to prevent a discharged battery.

Be sure to follow the operating instructions, and all the warnings and cautions in this section.

Improper operation of the top could cause a system malfunction, damage, or deterioration of the top material and related parts.



Do not operate the top when there is not enough clearance behind the vehicle. Someone could become trapped between the top storage lid and another object (for example a wall) which could result in serious injury.
  Park the vehicle in a safe and level place and apply the parking brake.
Do not operate the top in a strong wind. It could be blown by the wind, striking someone or damaging the top.
Do not allow anyone to stand up or extend any portion of their body out of the opening while the vehicle is in motion or while the top is being operated.
In an accident you could be thrown from the vehicle with an open top.

Always use seat belts and proper child restraints.



Make sure the parking area is clear of obstacles and there is enough clearance over the top (for example, in a garage or a covered area). More than approximately 10 ft (3 m) from the ground  A , more than approximately 5.5 ft (1.7 m) from the top of the roof B and more than approximately 4.9 ft (1.5 m) from the rear of the vehicle  C is required to open or close the top safely. Otherwise, the top may damage any objects above it while moving. The top operating system could also be damaged.



Never install a cover or film (for example window tint) on the skylight glass. This may cause the dual pop-up roll bars to operate improperly and could result in serious injury or death in the event of a rollover. (see “Dual pop-up roll bar system (CrossCabriolet models)” in the “1. Safety — Seats, seat belts and supplemental restraint system” section.)


  Do not operate the top when the temperature is below 328F (08C).

This may result in damage to the top material or operating system.
Remove water drops, snow, ice or sand from the top, and dry the surface of the top completely before opening it.
Do not open the top when it is wet or damp. This may cause interior water damage, stains or mildew on the top material.
Be sure to turn off the rear window defroster switch. Never turn it on while the top is being operated or fully opened. The heat may damage the top material.



Do not place any objects between the top cloth and the structure.

Doing so could interfere with top operation and cause damage to the top operating system or the objects.
Do not place anything on the top, rear parcel shelf, inner flaps and trunk lid. Even small items may interfere with the top operation and could cause damage to the top or the vehicle body.
Do not place anything in the top storage area. The top will not fit there properly, and this could damage the top and/or the vehicle body.
Do not sit or place anything on the top, rear parcel shelf, inner flaps, storage lid and trunk lid, especially when the top is being operated. The top may be damaged.
Do not drive the vehicle with the top partially opened. Always make sure the top is either fully opened or closed before driving.

Secure items so that they cannot be blown from the vehicle while driving with the top open.
Do not operate the top manually except for emergency cases. Manual operation may damage the top.
Be sure to fully open or fully close the top. Do not release the switch half way through the roof opening or closing process. If the top is only partially opened, significant damage to the top could occur.
Do not operate the top if the dual pop-up roll bars have been activated.

Extended dual pop-up roll bars may interfere with top operation and could cause damage to the top or the vehicle body.

Make sure the trunk lid is securely closed before operating the top.

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