How to switch the display

With the ignition switch in the ON position, press the CAMERA button or move the shift selector to the R (Reverse) position to operate the Around View Monitor.

The Around View Monitor displays different split screens views depending on the position of the shift selector. Press the CAMERA button to switch between the available views.

If the shift selector is in the R (Reverse) position, the available views are:

● Rearview/bird-eye view split screen
● Rearview/front-side view split screen

If the shift selector is in the P (Park) position, the available views are:

● Front view/bird-eye view split screen
● Front view/front-side view split screen

If the shift selector is in the D (Drive) position, the only available view is front view/front-side view split screen.

When the shift selector is not in the R (Reverse) position and the vehicle speed increases above approximately 6 mph (10 km/h), the screen changes from the Around View Monitor screen to the previous screen.

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