How to park with predictive course lines


Always turn and check that it is safe to do so before backing up. Always back up slowly.
Use the displayed lines as a reference.

The lines are highly affected by the number of occupants, fuel level, vehicle position, road condition and road grade.
  If the tires are replaced with different sized tires, the predictive course line may be displayed incorrectly.
  On a snow-covered or slippery road, there may be a difference between the predictive course line and the actual course line.
  The displayed lines will appear slightly off to the right because the RearView camera is not installed in the rear center of the vehicle.
  The distance guide line and the vehicle width line should be used as a reference only when the vehicle is on a level paved surface. The distance viewed on the monitor is for reference only and may be different than the actual distance between the vehicle and displayed objects.
When backing-up the vehicle up a hill objects viewed in the monitor are further than they appear. When backing-up the vehicle down a hill, objects viewed in the monitor are closer than they appear. Use the inside mirror or glance over your shoulder to properly judge distances to other objects.

The vehicle width and predictive course lines are wider than the actual width and course.

1. Visually check that the parking space is safe

1. Visually check that the parking space is safe before parking your vehicle.
2. The rear view of the vehicle is displayed on the screen A when the shift lever is moved to the R (Reverse) position.

3. Slowly back up the vehicle adjusting the

3. Slowly back up the vehicle adjusting the steering wheel so that the predictive course lines B enter the parking space C .
4. Maneuver the steering wheel to make the vehicle width guide lines D parallel to the parking space  C while referring to the predictive course lines.
5. When the vehicle is parked in the space completely, move the shift lever to the P (Park) position and apply the parking brake.

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