RearView monitor (if so equipped)

The system isdesigned as an aid to the driver in situations such as slot parking or parallel parking.

When the shift lever is shifted into the R (Reverse) position, the monitor display shows a rearward view from the vehicle.


The RearView Monitor is a convenience but it is not a substitute to check behind the vehicle when backing up.
The driver is always responsible for safety during parking and other maneuvers.
Objects viewed in the RearView Monitor differ from actual distance because a wide-angle lens is used.

Objects in the RearView Monitor will appear visually opposite than when viewed in the rearview and outside mirrors.
Make sure that the lift gate or trunk is securely closed when backing up.
  Underneath the bumper and the corner areas of the bumper cannot be viewed on the RearView Monitor because of its monitoring range limitation.
Do not put anything on the Rear- View camera. The RearView camera is installed above the license plate.
  When washing the vehicle with high-pressure water, be sure not to spray it around the camera. Otherwise, water may enter the camera unit causing water condensation on the lens, a malfunction, fire or an electric shock.
Do not strike the camera. It is a precision instrument. Otherwise, it may malfunction or cause damage resulting in a fire or an electric shock.


Do not scratch the camera lens when cleaning dirt or snow from the lens.

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