Heater and air conditioner (automatic) (Type A)

Type A

Type A

1. Temperature control buttons (driver’s side)
2. AUTO climate control ON button
3. 4. Air recirculation button(front defroster) button
4. 5. MODE (manual air flow control) buttonAir recirculation button
5. MODE (manual air flow control) button
6. Temperature control buttons (passenger’s side)
7. DUAL (passenger side temperature control) ON/OFF button
8. REAR button
9. button (fan speed control) dial/ON/OFF button
10. button(rear window defroster) button
11. A/C (air conditioner) ON/OFF button


● The air conditioner cooling function operates only when the engine is running.
● Do not leave children or adults who would normally require the assistance of others alone in your vehicle. Pets should also not be left alone. They could accidentally injure themselves or others through inadvertent operation of the vehicle. Also, on hot, sunny days, temperatures in a closed vehicle could quickly become high enough to cause severe or possibly fatal injuries to people or animals.
● Do not use the recirculation mode for long periods as it may cause the interior air to become stale and the windows to fog up.

Start the engine and operate the controls to activate the air conditioner.

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