Control panel buttons — color screen with Navigation System (if so equipped)

Nissan Pathfinder / Nissan Pathfinder 2013-2024 Owner's Manual / Monitor, climate, audio, phone and voice recognition systems / Control panel buttons — color screen with Navigation System (if so equipped)

1. ZOOM OUT button*

1. ZOOM OUT button*
2. CAMERA button**
3. DEST button*
4. ROUTE button*
5. NISSAN controller
6. STATUS button
7. INFO button
8. + (brightness control) button
9. 10. - (brightness control) button OFF brightness control button
10. - (brightness control) button
11. VOICE button*
12. SETTING button
13. MAP button*
14. 15. ZOOM IN button* BACK (previous) button
15. ZOOM IN button*

*For Navigation system control buttons, refer to the separate Navigation System Owner’s Manual.

**For information on the CAMERA button, see “AroundView Monitor” in this section.

When using this system, make sure the engine is running.

If you use the system with the engine not running (ignition ON or ACC) for a long time, it will discharge the battery, and the engine will not start.

Reference symbols:

ENTER button — This is a button on the control panel.

“Example” — Words marked in quotes refer to a key shown only on the display. These keys can be selected by touching the screen or using the NISSAN controller.

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